Why is food sticking to my Green life Pan? Interesting Guide


Are you curious to know why is food sticking to my Green life Pan? Do not get stressed up over your dirty non-stick pan. We have specific reasons to help you understand why your pot has stubborn stains to adopt sure ways to clean your cookware.

What are green life pans?

Green life Cookware is made with Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating free of cadmium, lead, and PFOA. As a result, during cooking, this cookware does not release toxic fumes.

What to do when your green life pan sticks

After using your green life pans for a while, it is normal for the non-stick properties in your pots to reduce. However, if the food starts sticking while cooking, add a small amount of water to the part of the pan that food is stuck, adding some moisture to the bake-ware should create steam that will lift any food stuck on the cookware.

Besides, for stubborn stains and greases, once you remove the food from the pan, allow it to cool down, then put warm water to sit on the pan for a few minutes. This act should soften the stains, and it will get easier to wash the stains off your pot.

Why is food sticking to my Green life Pan?

Do you want to know why you pan is sticking? Green life pots immediately start sticking due to a variety of reasons.

Here are interesting facts on why your pots are seriously sticking.

#1.Using metal utensils on your pans

If you place metal pan covers with thin, sharp edges on your pans, they are a sure way to destroy the non-stick coating on your pots. As a result, your cookware starts to stick.

CAUTION: Cease from cutting food while on the pan and use plastic, rubber, and wooden utensils recommended to prolong the life of your green life cookware.

#2.Using high heat

Ceramic coating in Green life pans, distribute heat more effectively and quickly. As a result, protein-rich food cooks faster, and when you use high heat while cooking, such foods stick on the pan.

CAUTION: Always cook on low, medium heat to prevent food from sticking on your cookware and prevent fast oil carbonization on the pan that heightens sticking.

#3.Using the dishwasher

Non-stick properties of your ceramic cookware tend to be destroyed and broken by the hardness of water and strong alkaline detergents in your dishwasher. As a result, once your ceramic properties are damaged, your pan starts to stick!

NOTE: Always hand-wash your pan with warm soapy water using a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use steel wool or nylon scrubbers to wash the surfaces of your cookware as this would destroy the non-stick coatings on your pots.

#4.Using extra virgin olive oil and oil sprays

If you are using too much virgin oil and oil sprays while cooking, this is why your pan is seriously sticking while you cook. Virgin oil cannot withstand high heating and, as a result, will leave a thin carbonized layer on the non-stick coating of your bake-ware.

NOTE: Do not expose high heat to your pan while cooking with oils and fats that can break down quickly to prevent carbonization that accelerates sticking on your cookware.

#5.Dropping the pan on the floor

When you drop your green life pan on the floor, such action may deform and damage the ceramic non-stick coating on your cookware, resulting in sticking while cooking.

CAUTION: Handle your pans with lots of care and do not warp or drop your pots on hard floors.

#6.Using abrasive cleaners

If you are using abrasive detergents containing chlorine bleach, this is a significant reason your cookware is sticking. Strong chemicals in such detergents gauge the surfaces of your non-stick pots.

NOTE:  Use dishwashing soaps favorable for hand-washing to protect the ceramic coatings in your green life pans.


Are you now feeling good? You currently have clear reasons why your green life pan is sticking. Equip yourself with the correct information to adopt certain practices to have your non-stick back!