How To Organize Kitchen Utensils Without Drawers?


Are you eager to know how to organize kitchen utensils without drawers? Look no further! No matter the size of your kitchen, having organized cookware can get challenging. There is always too much in the kitchen to stow from the pantry, glassware, food, and even utensils. But what if your kitchen doesn’t have enough space for drawers? Where are you supposed to store your plates, pots, and mugs? Worry no more! We have 11 genius ways that you can adopt to arrange your kitchen without necessarily having drawers. Continue scrolling to understand these exciting ways that would make your kitchen tidy and organized.

What are the kitchen drawers?

Kitchen cabinets are pieces of equipment designed to store kitchen cookware and utensils in an organized way. Most are made of wood or glass. As much as they can keep your cookware arranged, many kitchen specialists have it that having drawers in a cooking area takes up much space. So, how are you supposed to store and organize your utensils? Don’t worry; all the answers are in this article. Continue scrolling.

What are the benefits of an organized kitchen?

Why is it essential to have a well-arranged kitchen? A kitchen is indeed the heart of every home. Almost everyone always longs to get to a tidy and well-organized kitchen at the end of a long day. Similarly, there are uncountable benefits that come with a well-set kitchen. Want to know why it is crucial to have an organized kitchen? Keep on reading below:

Saves time and energy

Saves time and energy-saving an organized kitchen is a sure way to save you tons of energy and time. Every single utensil is contained in its proper place. You won’t have to dig through a cluttered stack of cookware to find a jar of cooking oil.

Saves space

Having an organized cooking place helps you a great deal to utilize space effectively. Your counters will stay-clutter-free, and you will have enough space to cook comfortably in your kitchen.

Makes it easier to maintain a kitchen

When every utensil is in its place, it is easier to put them back in their proper place once you use them. As a result, this gives you a relaxing time while in the kitchen, making its maintenance a simple activity.

Saves money

In a well-arranged kitchen, almost every item you need to use is labeled in its jar to avoid confusion. With this, it makes cooking an easy affair and prevents lots of food from wastage. Hence, this saves you tons of cash.

Makes your kitchen look elegant

Who doesn’t wish for a beautiful kitchen? Organizing your utensils makes your kitchen attractive. You won’t have to get worried even if an impromptu visitor gets to your cooking area during any other time.

What are the ways to organize your kitchen utensils without drawers?

Even if you have no cabinets in your to store your cookware, you shouldn’t stress yourself. It is no secret that your cooking area can still look elegant and organized without drawers. So, what’s a lasting solution for a kitchen with no cabinets? Below are a few simple and incredible tricks that you can opt for in your tiny kitchen.

  1. Keep your kitchenware on a pegboard

Having a well-designed pegboard in your kitchen isn’t just appealing to look at; it’s key to ensuring that there is sanity in your kitchen. Besides, a pegboard helps to arrange your utensils aesthetically and functionally. Moreover, it saves you more time than having to rummage through a congested drawer when looking for that small whisk.

  1. Have floating shelves

Installing floating shelves in your kitchen not only adds class but also helps you to keep your delicate and favorite dishes safely. The sweet part about such frames is that they don’t take up any of your floor space in the kitchen. You will have all the area to cook comfortably without having to knock over plates in your small kitchen.

  1. Purchase a rolling kitchen cart

Do you wish to save more space in your kitchen? Rolling carts are surprisingly the most modern types of equipment that can fit in any kitchen. Furthermore, they provide tons of storage to keep all your cooking essentials and extra dishes organized. Interestingly, even the smallest of kitchens can reasonably accommodate a rolling cart.

  1. Have a rug to hang coffee mugs

No room in your kitchen to store your extra mugs? Look for a pretty rug with sturdy hooks to hang your beautiful faces in style. Having a quality rug in your kitchen not only saves a lot of space but also gives a stunning look to your kitchen area.

  1. Build a kitchen island

Building a portable kitchen island for your utensils creates plenty of space in your home. You can use the island to store food, cutting boards, dish towels, and valuable silverware. You won’t have to worry about space anymore with such a beautiful island in place.

  1. Store your utensils in a bookcase

Having a multi-shelf bookcase in your kitchen gives the room a fancy look. Your glass-paneled bookcase can hold your entire collection of dinnerware. Besides, it can also store other extra items like jars of cooking ingredients, cookbooks, and cutting boards.

  1. Create a countertop décor

Don’t have enough space to hide your favorite cooking ingredients? All you need to do is to buy a set of matching jars. Fill them with seeds, sugar, flours, grains, nuts, and dried pasta then put them on display on the countertop. With this, you will have created more space to keep other types of utensils and, at the same time, made your kitchen look appealing.

  1. Install wood pallet spice rack

Having your spices in a drawer are prone to roll and spill. The best treatment you can give your spice-bottles is to keep them in a DIY pallet spice rack. This equipment saves up a lot of space and makes everything in your kitchen organized and accessible.

  1. Store utensils in a basket

Instead of having to hide some of the extra utensils in your kitchen, store them in a basket and place them on your kitchen counter. Look for a stylish and durable wicker basket and organize some of your utensils to fit inside a basket.

  1. Mount a pot-rack on the wall

Want to stay more organized in the kitchen? Install a sturdy pot rack on the wall just above your sink. It’s one of the most attractive and more accessible ways to store your pans and pots.

  1. Have your silverware in Mason jars

Another simple way to keep your utensils safe in a kitchen with no drawers is to have your silverware in glass-mason jars. However, to limit the scrape of metal against the glass, have your jars filled with rice. It will keep your spoons and forks in good condition without any scratches.


Summarily, you can still have that lovely kitchen that you wish for without having to stack a vast drawer that would take up much space in an already tiny kitchen space. You don’t deserve all that stress that comes with operating in a small stuffy kitchen. Make sure that you master incredible kitchen ideas by going through this fantastic masterpiece. With this article, you don’t have to force your large drawer inside the kitchen necessarily. Save much space in your kitchen today by adopting our simple yet effective ways to organize kitchen utensils without drawers.