How To Organize Kitchen Utensils In A Drawer.


Do you want to master fantastic ways on how to organize kitchen utensils in a drawer? You have just clicked on the right article. We understand that arranging all those utensils in a drawer can get more challenging, especially if you want them within reach. You wouldn’t want to see them all cluttered carelessly on every drawer. That is why to make your work easier; we have come up with brilliant ideas to help you organize your cookware in a neat and tidy manner. Continue reading on to learn a few tricks to get all those whisks, spoons, plates, and mugs under control.

Why should kitchen utensils stay organized in a drawer?

Have you ever thought of the benefits of having an organized kitchen cabinet? Getting organized inside your drawers comes with immense benefits that are worth considering. Read them through, and you will get surprised at what you’ve missed.

SafetyHaving a well-arranged drawer is an assurance of safety in your kitchen. You won’t have to lay your hands on sharp objects stored unsafely in your overfilled drawers. Hence a clutter-free cabinet will significantly reduce potential accidents from happening.

Beauty and aesthetics

Who doesn’t want to wake up to an organized kitchen cabinet? Storing your utensils in an arranged drawer will provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to work. Besides, it gives your cabinets an appealing look that gives you peace of mind in the kitchen. 

Gives a sufficient storage space

De-cluttering your kitchen drawers is a perfect way to maximize your storage space. You will ensure that every utensil has its place. Knowing where every cutlery, cookware, and bake-ware is will make life more comfortable and more manageable. You will find each item you need quickly without having to stress yourself out over a missing utensil. 

Saves you money 

Suppose your utensils are so jam-packed in a drawer that you can’t find the item you need. In that case, the chances are that you will repurchase it without realizing that it was stacked on the lower bottom. Organizing items will make your utensils visible and more straightforward to access. Hence, it would save you lots of money on frequent utensils shopping.

Saves you time

Would you wish to spend more time in the kitchen looking for missing cutlery? Of course not! Having every utensil in its place would lead to time-saving habits such as easier meal preparation. It would save you an enormous amount of time as you won’t spend lots of time rummaging through a cluttered drawer.

You quickly see what to use.

Most disorganized drawers are filled to the brim with utensils that are no longer in use. Disposing items that are not needed in your cabinets will free up more valuable space in your kitchen drawers. IT will allow you to organize your kitchen utensils more effectively. 

Instills confidence

Having an organized drawer gives you lots of confidence in yourself. You can even invite guests over as you won’t have to feel embarrassed about disorganized kitchen cabinets in your home. Instead, you will feel proud of yourself for having a de-cluttered drawer in your cooking area.

What are the types of kitchen drawers?

Before you get to know how to arrange your cookware in a cabinet, you must understand the various types of kitchen drawers. Knowing them will help you master the kinds of utensils fit to get stored in a cupboard and keep them effectively. Here are various types of drawers that you should know.

Ready-to-assemble kitchen drawers

Do you need pocket-friendly cabinets? These kitchen cabinets come with a low price. Moreover, they are mostly found in home improvement and kitchen cabinet depot stores. If you are working on a tight budget, such drawers are an excellent pick for you.


These are practical and economical drawers that you can choose for your kitchen. They are available in fixed-sized that can’t get altered. If you need cabinets that fit precisely on your skeleton drawer, stock types are ideal for you. Furthermore, they come in different materials such as melamine, particle-boards laminated with plastic, and solid wood. You have a variety to choose from in the market.

Semi-custom drawers

Such drawers have a high-quality construction with a broader selection of finishes, styles, and materials that you can select. The sweet part about these drawers is that you can easily customize the cabinet’s sizes. Although the cabinets are of durable quality, they come with a high price tag. It is a perfect pick for you, especially if you like decorative patterns and styles.

Custom kitchen drawers

Do you want to have full control over the kind of kitchen drawer material, design, and style? Choose a customized kitchen cabinet for your kitchen. Custom drawers are fully guaranteed to meet your functionality, style requirements, and storage. You can choose your favorite cabinet door type, wood finishes, and your preferred colors with these drawers.

Having an idea about the various types of kitchen drawers will significantly help you have an easy time choosing the most favorable method of organizing your utensils. You will get conversant with the kind of knives to keep inside your drawers.

What are the ways to organize kitchen utensils in a drawer?

Are you facing lots of difficulties finding your favorite utensils and ingredients in the kitchen? It would help if you organized your drawers. Arranging your cookware and utensils shouldn’t get too tricky. Not when you can read through our exciting tricks here. If you want to master excellent tips on de-clutter your cabinets, this is the right place. Below are significant steps that you can follow to have the neatest drawer in your hood.

Step #1.De-clutter your drawers

Identify the utensils that you need based on the frequency of their use. Select those that you don’t need and put them somewhere. It would help you have the essential utensils with you while eliminating those that unnecessarily take up much space. 

Step #2.Clean up your drawers

Since you have to take everything out from your cabinets, giving them a perfect cleaning is an excellent decision. All you need is a microfiber cloth and some water. Dampen the cloth in lukewarm water then wipe down the drawers until they are free of any dust and dirt.

 However, if there lots of crumbs in the cabinets, you may use a vacuum attachment to sweep them. Besides, for stubborn stains, use a magic eraser to get rid of them completely. 

Step #3. Put kitchen drawer liners

Do your drawers look old and beat-up? You will need drawer liners to cover up these imperfections. They would serve to add beauty and style to your already old cabinets. 

Liners come in different colorful patterns y with some having adhesive to last for an extended period. Besides, they are essential in your drawers to prevent utensils from sliding. 

Step #4. Create zones

Zoning is an essential process where you group similar items and put them together in one drawer. Have those utensils that you mostly use close to your stove or your oven. You can create different zones based on the cookware items that you have in your kitchen. Zoning largely depends on how your family uses the kitchen. Here are incredible ideas that you can adopt for zones:

  • Dishes
  • Cookware
  • Bake-ware
  • Serving bowls
  • Prep
  • Kid’s dishes
  • Cutlery 

Step #5. Install drawer dividers

Your drawers will get messy again soon if you don’t have drawer organizers. Use drawer dividers to create significant compartments to have organized utensil storage. There are many types of organizers in the market that you can select. They range from wood, plastic, mesh, and clear drawer organizers. Interestingly, they are practical and functional to give your drawers an appealing look. With these dividers, you can have an excellent place to keep:

  • Knives and cutlery
  • Silverware
  • Glassware
  • Wooden spatulas and cooking sticks
  • Spices

Ensure that you purchase a silverware organizer to keep your forks, spoons, and knives from intermingling. Dividers would help you a great deal to keep your utensils organized for an extended period. 

Step #6.Maintain

Make sure that you go through the organization process annually to keep your drawers in good shape. You can decide to have your cabinets cluttered after every two months to have the right hygienic conditions in your drawers.

Want to arrange your kitchen cookware effortlessly? Follow these six simple steps to have the most revered kitchen cabinets. 


Do you now feel satisfied? Knowing how to arrange your utensils in a drawer is essential to strive to learn. Make sure that you go through this fantastic article to get terrific insights on the suitable techniques to adopt when de-cluttering your kitchen drawers. We have made everything seem simple for you in this masterpiece to ensure that you have an easy time in the kitchen. Cabinets come in different types and sizes and require you to adopt creative ways to organize kitchen utensils in a drawer.