How To Clean Blue Diamond Frying Pan


Do you have diamond cookware with stubborn stains and greases in your home? Worry no more! We will ensure that you get the right information on how to clean a blue diamond frying pan to look spotless once more. You do not have to give up on your frying pan easily. We have sure solutions to ensure that you get an exciting cooking experience in your kitchen.

What is a blue diamond frying pan?

It is non-stick cookware with a diamond-hard finish that is five times harder than any other non-stick pan. Interestingly, it lasts ten times longer and transfers heat four times faster than traditional non-stick pans.

Why diamond frying pans get greasy?

When tiny food particles and stains build up on the inside of your pan, your diamond cookware tends to get greasy. As a result, this will adversely affect the performance of your frying pan. Luckily, we have prepared an adequate guideline to help you tidy up your pot effortlessly.

tips to keep your blue diamond frying pan clean for long

  • Never use a metal
    The best rule of thumb that you ought to know is not to use metal utensils on your diamond frying pan. Metal utensils damage the coating of your frying cookware in a split of a second. Alternatively, opt for materials such as wood, plastic, nylon, or rubber materials meant for diamond cookware.
  • Never cut food onto your bake-ware
    To protect the surface of your pan, do not cut the food you want to cook on your pan. It is a sure way to destroy the surface of your cookware and to void your warranty.
  • Never expose your bake-ware
    Do not use your diamond cookware under the broiler or bake at higher temperatures beyond 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Intense heat damages the finish of your bake-ware.

the benefits of cleaning diamond frying pans

Ever wondered why it is essential to keep your cookware tidy? Here are critical reasons why you ought to keep your diamond cookware clean every time.

  • Sanitary purpose
    The most critical and common reason why you must keep your frying pan clean is for hygienic reasons. Your cookware gets favorable for use when preparing the next meal.
  • Aesthetic reasons
    Frequent cleaning of your pan makes it look shiny and spotless. It's always a beautiful feeling to pull out your sparkling pan from the kitchen drawer. It makes you feel good and satisfied.
  • High performance
    Proper tidying of your frying pan increases your pan's quality of performance. Left-over food particles that build up over time not only interfere with the cooking ability of your pot but also make your experience in the kitchen hectic and stressful.
  • Durability
    Cleaning your pan also helps to increase the longevity of your cookware. Hence, you won't have to replace them any time soon.


Are you disappointed with your blue greasy diamond pan? Your blue frying pan can produce quality cooking results if you take the time to tidy it properly. Improper cleaning of your diamond cookware can easily ruin the taste of your food. While you ought to check with your product manufacturer for proper recommendations, we have simple and yet reliable ways to make tidying of your pan easy! 

What do you need to clean your blue diamond frying pan?


Soapy Water






Nylon scrubber

The Solution

What are the ways to clean your blue diamond frying pan?

Step 1. Leave your frying pan

Let your pan cool before you start washing it up. Remember, immersing a hot pan in cold water could permanently ruin your cookware.

Step 2. Hand-wash your cookware

Clean your pan using your hand with hot soapy water. Ensure that you are using a proper dish detergent suitable for washing.


Do not load your frying pan into the dishwasher. Beware that high heat from home dishwasher not only voids your warranty but also ruins the surfaces of your diamond cookware. Besides, never use harsh cleaning detergents such as bleach and abrasive cleansers that have the potential to damage your cookware.

Step 3. Scrub gently

Use a nylon scrubber, washcloth, or sponge to gently scrub off stubborn greases and stains on the inside of your frying cookware. Was your pan twice to get rid of every trace of food and oil. Also, washing your cookware two times ensures that no residue as a result of carbonization remains on the pan.


Do not use stiff brushes, steel wool, or scouring pads to scrub your pan as they will scratch the surface of your cookware hence destroying your pot.

Step 4. Wipe your pan

Wipe both the inside and the outside of your diamond cookware. Pay close attention to the points where the handles connect and the edges where food often collects.

Step 5. Rinse your cookware

Rinse your frying cookware thoroughly to ensure that all soapy residues get rinsed off and removed. You can use warm or cold water to get rid of soap that remains on your diamond pan.

Step 6. Inspect the pan

Look for any missed food particles on your cookware. Stubborn stains usually collect on the inside corners of the pan. Ensure that no food particle remains on the bake-ware.

Step 7. Dry your pan once it is clean

Dry your diamond cookware thoroughly. Ensure that it dries well by using a dishcloth or rag to wipe off water on your frying pan. There you go! It is that simple to get rid of those stubborn stains on your diamond pan. You are now ready to cook a tantalizing meal using your clean and spotless frying pan.


Reign supreme as the neighborhood champion of home-baked and cooked meals by using your blue shiny diamond frying pan today! Do not get discouraged with your dirty frying pan. Read through our interesting guidelines on how to clean a blue diamond frying pan to enlighten yourself on the ways to make your pan brand new once more.